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The World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC) was established by and for members of the community to facilitate networking, increase trade, commerce and economic welfare.

The Chamber plans to enhance the economic well being of the community by using the vast resources available, including intellectual capital and existing business talent and know-how to create opportunities for our young adults.

As long as commerce has existed, traders have banded together. The first purpose of their association may have been to seek common protection against competition. Later, codes were established to govern trade whilst at the same time attempting to influence local legislation and laws. These early pioneers and traders have little in common with our modern Chambers of Commerce, which has ended up as a more refined product.

The WZCC will generally undertake promoting the sale of goods & services. The Chamber will facilitate market relationships and in general will promote the interest of its members. The emergence of our Chamber as a true community organization will come later when business leaders realize that their own prosperity depends upon the development of opportunities within our community.

A strong focus of the Chamber will be on education & research, governmental relations, infrastructure planning, economic development, business and professional growth and leadership development through various initiatives and incentives. The community's growth and support by their businesses will reflect on the strong value of the Chamber.

The Chamber's World Headquarters are in North America and its members hope that this would be the prelude to an exchange of trade and commerce between Zarathushti communities worldwid, thus leading to the formation of chapters throughout the world.

The aim of the Chamber is to rejuvenate the entrepreneurial spirit from within our fold by providing a helping hand, partnerships and an exciting future.

The Chamber's main asset will be its database providing information of topics ranging from job availability and business opportunities to a bank of current data on Who's Who in Zarathushti Business Worldwide.

WZCC invites business initiatives, encourages networking and allows our members to enunciate or advertise their businesses and concepts too.
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