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  New Members:
How to Download the Registration Form:

If you would like to download the form, click on MEMBERSHIP FORM on the left. When it appears on your screen, just Save As Membership form in your local machine. You may then print the form, fill it up and send it to any of the designated person of your Local Chapter.

How to Register Online:

If you would like to register online, just click on REGISTER, and fill up the details, as per the instructions available. You may send the payment separately to the treasurer of the Local Chapter.

  Forthcoming and Past Events:

This section provides information regarding the forthcoming events, as well as detailed reports, with photographs, with respect to the Past Events. You must make it a point to look up this section from time to time regarding announcements for meetings, seminars, etc.

  Members' List:

This is the main area where networking takes place between members. The information provided here, is relatively permanent in nature.

Who is Listed:

Any registered, current member of WZCC anywhere in the world, is automatically listed in the Members' List.

Why Should I List Myself:

Listing yourself will enable you to reach out to a worldwide audience of Zoroastrian business communities trying to reach out to customers and suppliers like you, who would be interested in dealing with fellow Zarathushtis on a professional and ethical basis for mutual benefit.

How do I List Myself:

Once you register as a member, online or offline, you will be automatically listed. Please include all your details for maximum benefit and exposure of your organisation. Please pay special attention in defining the category and sub-category of your business interests, which will be a key factor in helping other members to transact business with you.

My details do not appear online though I have listed:

Once you list yourself, it takes 24-48 hours for the user to be listed online. There is an authentication procedure, which the Chapter heads need to perform before your listing is made available online. If your listing does not appear even after 48 hours of registration, please contact your local Chapter Head, who will help you in this matter.

What is the importance of User ID and Password:

Your user ID and password helps the system to identify you as a genuine member of the WZCC online community. Only those who are recognized as genuine members will be allowed to contact other members to transact business over the Internet.

What should I select as User ID and Password:

Your user ID should be a unique word, which identifies you to the community. In case another member has already chosen the user ID that you wish to use, you may add characters or numbers to your chosen ID.

Your password is your authorization key to access / edit details of your account and transact business over the Internet. It must be preferably a combination of alphabets and numerals, which would be difficult to assume by an outsider but easy for you to remember. Please do not use parts of your name / User ID while composing your password. Please do not disclose your password to anybody and keep it safely. A person who gains access to your password may impersonate you or cause a detrimental effect on your business interests.

What if I forget or misplace my password:

Please go to the link Forgot Password at the login section and enter your User ID & email ID for the password to be automatically emailed to you. Please ensure that the User ID & email ID you enter must match that with which you are originally registered.

What if I misplace or forget my User ID and/or Email ID:

In such a situation, please contact your local Chapter Head who will be able to help you out.

How do I Edit my details / change my password:

Once you are logged in to the community you will get options to edit the details of your account. You may edit any or all the details except the user ID which will remain constant for the life of your account.

How do I contact other members:

One can go to the section on Members' List and search for members on the criteria listed such as location, category, sub category etc. The Search options are explained in greater detail later. Once you get a list of members, if you click on their First name, you will see the full details of the members including their telephone numbers, addresses etc. and may contact them through mail / telephone directly.

How do others contact me:

When others search for criteria matching your company profile, they will see your name and other details in the list of members displayed. They can then choose to contact you by email.


You can search for members through the Members' List section. When you click on Members' List, you will come up with the following screen:

  • If you like to look up all members on the database, just click on the Search button.
  • If you wish to filter your search, looking for specifics, you could enter the specific details in the boxes available and then click on the Search button
    e.g. - If you are looking for Chartered Accountants in Mumbai, you would enter "Chartered Accountants" under Category and "Mumbai" under City and then click on the Search Members.
    - If you are looking for Food Article manufacturers anywhere in INDIA, you would enter "Food" under Sub-Category and "India" under Country, and then click on the Search Members.
    - If you are looking for a specific person and you know the first name or his last name, you could enter the specific name under the appropriate title and then click on the Search Members.
  • The effect of entering text in more than one box is that the condition would be cumulatively applied. E.g. if we enter something in 2 boxes, the results would be shown only if both the conditions are satisfied, and if we enter something in 4 boxes, only if all 4 conditions are satisfied, the results will be displayed.
  • If you are looking for any member's contact details then click on the First Name to get the full details of that member.
  • If *** are visible where there ought to be text, it means the member does not want to display that data.
Classifieds Section:

This is the area where specific Classified Ads. for buying / selling goods or services can be placed. This area is transactional in nature and each ad would expire in about 90 days.

Any business person, big or small can place a FREE Classified ad, by going to the Classifieds Section. He just needs to add an ad, as per the instructions mentioned in that section. It is simple, easy, effective and FREE !!

Please restrict the advertisements to areas of Business Interests ONLY. If any objectionable material is found here, please report it immediately and it is liable to be removed forthwith.

   Directors / Chapters etc.:

These are information area relating to WZCC and give details about the Current Directors / Chapters / Contacts, etc.


This section offers the Members a Wealth of Resources for Business use in the following areas:

Banking Consulates Consumers Corporate Governance
Human Resources Insurance Labour Laws Legal
News Real Estate S S I's Search Engines
Telephone Directories

Trade Fairs


World Trade Organisation
Zoroastrian Resources      

Please utilize the website to your maximum benefit Suggestion / Comments / Bouquets & Brickbats are always welcome. Please email them to or call on +91-22-4222 6789 or fax us on +91-22-6692 1440 and we shall be glad to incorporate your suggestions to make this area more useful for all our Members.

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