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 21/03/2011   Minoo Shroff  Need for renaissance of entrepreneurship among the youth.
 24/09/2009   Yazdi Tantra  The Updated Version of Doing Business with India as on August 2009 - Courtesy Chandabhoy & Jassoobhoy
 23/09/2009   Yazdi Tantra  HANDBOOK FOR OVERSEAS INDIANS - Very interesting information for NRIs published by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs Courtesy : Minoo Daruwalla
 10/07/2009   Yazdi Tantra  The appended analysis summarizes the proposals contained in the India Budget 2009 as presented before the Parliament on 6th July 2009. The analysis has been presented in a user friendly electronic linked version to enable you to focus on your area of interest. Also attached are the highlights of the proposals. We trust you will find the analysis useful. Percy Chhapgar Partner | Deloitte Haskins & Sells E--Mail : A direct link to the Budget Papers is
 24/02/2009   Xerxes Wania  Thinking about starting a business? Make sure you're cut out for it first. We spoke with entrepreneurship researchers, academics and psychologists to come up with a list of questions you should ask yourself before making a big leap. A great article from Wall Street Journal
 05/02/2009   Paurush Jila  Dorab Mistry - Sharp and Charismatic - STARBIZWEEK, SATURDAY 27 DECEMBER 2008
 13/12/2008   Yazdi Tantra  Global manufacturers can't simply transplant their operating approaches into emerging markets.....Innovation in emerging markets: 2007 annual study - Deloitte
 22/11/2008   Yazdi Tantra  Two very interesting pieces published by the Forum of Free Enterprise - Current Global Financial Turmoil - Minoo Shroff, and Challenges Confronting India - Sunil Bhandare
 06/10/2008   Yazdi Tantra  The Updated Version of Doing Business with India as on August 2008
 22/06/2008   Yazdi Tantra  Ethanol does not make much difference to liquid fuel output, but it does make a difference to grain output...... Production of biofuels is suspected of having contributed to the food shortage..... This does not mean that if ethanol had not been used as fuel, more cereals would have been produced. But if it had not, US grain exports would have been larger, and grain prices lower. In this sense, the entry of fuel ethanol has contributed to the high food prices. Ashok Desai in Business World
 28/03/2008   Yazdi Tantra  We have received a very interesting booklet on "Doing business in India" which is for private circulation only. This booklet has been prepared by CHANDABHOY & JASSOOBHOY, eminent Chartered Accountants, for the information of persons considering doing business in India. The material is presented in a summary form and is intended to serve only as a guide. The assistance of professional advisors is, therefore, recommended in dealing with specific business and legal questions. Very interesting, insightful, practical and useful.
 03/03/2008   Yazdi Tantra  India Budget 2008 - A Perspective from HDFC Mutual Fund
 26/02/2008   Yazdi Tantra  Sharpening Your Skills: Starting a Business Thinking about starting your own business? Read the HBR collection of articles on legal issues, managing resources, product development, and keeping owner control.
 08/02/2008   Yazdi Tantra  The Government of India, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises has come out with a new scheme for First Generation Entrepreneurs. The objective of Rajiv Gandhi Udyami Mitra Yojana (RGUMY) is to provide handholding support and assistance to the potential first generation entrepreneurs, who have already successfully completed EDP/SDP/ESDP or vocational training from ITIs, through the selected lead agencies i.e. 'Udyami Mitras', in the establishment and management of the new enterprise, in dealing with various procedural and legal hurdles and in completion of various formalities required for setting up and running of the enterprise
 01/02/2008   Percis Dubash  One of the most overlooked energy-saving tools in the work place is the light switch. Lighting accounts for 30 to 50% of a building's energy use, or about 17% of total annual US electricity consumption. Simply turning off unneeded lights can reduce direct lighting energy consumption up to 45%.
 14/12/2007   Yazdi Tantra  A very interesting site with lots of resources for new and future entrepreneurs, Business Ideas and Entrepreneurship Education, created by National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN)
 23/10/2007   Yazdi Tantra  Bringing 'Lean' Principles to Service Industries Toyota and other top manufacturing companies have embraced, improved, and profited by lean production methods. But the payoffs have not been nearly as dramatic for service industries applying lean principles. HBS professor David Upton and doctoral student Bradley Staats look at the experience of Indian software services provider Wipro for answers.
 16/10/2007   Yazdi Tantra  Businesses Beware: The World Is Not Flat With apologies to Thomas Friedman, managers who believe the hype of a flat world do so at their own risk, says HBS professor Pankaj Ghemawat. National borders still matter a lot for business strategists. While identifying similarities from one place to the next is essential, effective cross-border strategies will take careful stock of differences as well.
 09/10/2007   Yazdi Tantra  Karan Bilimoria - Waiting to strike by Bhupesh Bhandari / New Delhi October 9, 2007 - Business Standard Courtesy : Ader Gandi
 01/10/2007   Yazdi Tantra  The attached RBI Circular needs to be circulated by whatever media available to us, to all known and unknown fellow Zoroastrians, inorder to give them fillip for getting boost to their entrepreneurial ship. Other method for raising funds and preparation of banking proposals can be drafted as a ongoing process to help fellow Zoroastrians to overcome funding problem. Kindly spread this mission of mine to all and one in the community. Courtesy : Mr. R D Irani


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